Was a head of Humanities Specialism, led a humanities faculty and steered a geography department for over two decades, clocking up 35 years in the classroom. Have taught in two state comprehensive schools (11-18) in that time and can’t imagine doing anything else that would have given me the satisfaction that it continues to provide. Still involved in some teaching, training and sharing good practice, but more time for writing now. Spent the last 12 months writing chapters for the new AQA A level for Cambridge University Press. Now working with a team of geographers to produce on-line A level Geography support materials for Tutor2U.

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  1. Gemma

    Dear Andy,
    I’ve sent an email to your hotmail address but in case this reaches you sooner…

    I’m making an edition of Analysis for Radio 4 with Professor Alison Wolf. Our topic is ‘an ideological history of education reform’, looking at the three big reforms in education – comprehensivisation; the introduction of national curriculum and standardised testing; and academisation. Alison is also interested in exploring the change that never happened: A-levels reform and why, despite many attempts, there has never been a complete overhaul of the A-level system. (Is it simply too disruptive to scrap them, or has there never been a strong enough ideological or social reason to do so?).

    As part of the programme we’d very much like to speak with a former teacher who has had 30 years or more experience in education and can give us the long view of what impact these reforms had in the classroom.

    At the moment I’m just doing my preliminary research but I wonder whether you might be free to have a chat with me about this?

    My work number (Mon-Wed) is 0203 6140605 and my mobile is 07917727563

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